Confessions of a Real Estate Legacy

I recently achieved a long-term goal – getting my real estate license, which I’ve hung with DeBianchi Real Estate in Fort Lauderdale.

Other than my Realtor friends, most people don’t know I’m the real estate equivalent of what they call in the fraternity world, a “Legacy,” or someone who has older immediate family members who went before them.

I even owe my existence to the business. My parents met at my Dad’s real estate brokerage in New Jersey, worked and retired together to Florida. Three of my older siblings have worked in real estate and enjoyed successful and wide-ranging careers. I’m incredibly proud of what they’ve built through the profession.

Many people also don’t know I’ve always had a side job or business, whether it was freelance writing, editing or event management. In college, I worked multiple jobs and internships while holding intensive volunteer leadership roles. I’ve essentially had a side hustle since before the term was coined (And no, I’m not quitting my day job – which I love).

These are confessions of a real estate “Legacy,” and a newly minted agent who is not so new to the industry. This is also the launch of my website, where I’ll share info on some of my favorite topics – South Florida lifestyle, real estate, travel, music, philanthropy, and more.

Looking to buy, sell or rent – now or in the future? Please contact me at


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